The Room With A View
Who Thought This Up? Workshops in 2003 Kids Exclaim!
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" What a great opportunity for the kids to do something hands-on!
That's how education should be! "

Stephanie Keon, Grade 5 teacher, Eganville District Public School

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What would it be like to step inside a camera? As the door you entered closes, and total darkness enfolds you, gradually your eyes adjust. Muted shapes and figures begin to appear on the white screen in front of you. Slowly the outside world begins to appear as images on the canvas in front of you. Then you are startled to see that the dog sniffing outside the camera is not only upside down, it's moving!! The Room With A View allows children, youth and adults the first-hand experience of actually walking into a camera - a yurt pinhole camera.

The Room With A View The Room With A View